" ..i want to know more about live events.. "

Live events come in many guises, such as meetings, conferences, public events and stage productions, to name but a few. Over the years Quatreus have been asked to organise events like these for numbers ranging anything from 10 up to 25,000 delegates. Whatever the size of your event, our team members are resourceful and experienced professionals who follow a highly developed set of procedures to ensure your event runs like clockwork.

Quatreus are experienced looking after: the writing, planning, logistics and coordination of all event features; all aspects of the venue | location; staging and technical elements; filming and distribution; delegate entertainment and activities; branding, themes and decoration.

" ..i need to support more activity more efficiently.. "

How do you create more room in your budget whilst increasing your marketing and events exposure? Many companies are using the Quatreus event support service to do just that.

We make no secret of how we achieve these aims – through material re-use, low cost storage, delivery and collection, high quality equipment and exhibitory hire and a unique project management platform with a simplified booking portal. And as an added bonus, this sustainable service has a positive impact on the environment.

Across the UK, Quatreus controls thousands of square feet of storage to support our clients' events, managing and maintaining AV equipment, staging, exhibitory, graphics systems and collateral.


"..i'd like to know what my exhibition stand could look like.."

Whilst the aesthetics of your stand are important, the focus should be on why you are exhibiting and the required objectives.

If you are looking for a company to simply build an exhibition stand for you then Quatreus will obviously help you with that. But to get the most out of your budget, we prefer to work with companies to develop a marketing strategy, advising on when and where to exhibit and the best way to engage your audience. The best thing about this approach – it comes as standard.

Quatreus offer full bespoke design & build, creative experts and specialists in modular units, re-usable systems with interchangeable elements, and to reduce cost, we can integrate recycled materials and readymade exhibitory.

"..i want to capture the imagination of my clients.."

Truly capturing someone’s imagination is distinctly preferable to simply gaining their interest, yet the disparity between the two may be so minor that the smallest detail could separate mind-blowing productions from damp squibs.

Whether you wish to create a short sequence to open a conference, or raise your global brand image via an international promotions campaign, we don’t believe the size of the project restricts it from being epic; Michael Jackson’s Thriller positively affected as many people as the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The key is making sure content receives the lion’s share of attention. To expertly compose your content, Quatreus have a specialist team who will advise, script, produce, create and film to ensure we capture more than plain old interest.

"..i need to bring my products to life.."

Experiential marketing pushes the boundaries, creating infinitely gratifying experiences that will forever be ingrained in the participant's memory. Quatreus create environments that build context and invoke emotions, through road-shows, brand promotion programmes and more recently through our new flagship, the award winning Customer Experience Centre.

Our customer experience centre is an individually designed showcase of your product, which is an exhibit, show house and a test drive all rolled into one. We’re not the type to make unsubstantiated claims, so we didn't suggest they are the future of experiential marketing – our clients have told us they are.

Follow this link to view case studies of experience centres ..


"..i want to inspire the people I work with.."

Quatreus are communications specialists, and at the heart of any successful team is the ability to communicate effectively.

At Quatreus, we search for and create cutting edge activities that specifically develop teams into a harmonious unit. Teambuilding works for some, but we prefer to help companies progress as a direct result of improving their internal communication, and by growing the skills of the individuals within.

Being inspirational is truly gratifying, and we welcome any opportunity to invigorate, intrigue or excite the people who make your company succeed. Quatreus improve interaction through incentives, reward or recognition events, corporate hospitality, skills training and unique activities.

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